We Offer the Best in Architectural and Interior Design Services


Architectural Design

We will assist you in creating a Design Team specific to each project’s needs. This is very critical to the project success. We will tailor the required Consulting Engineers to your project with their related experience to ensure the proper expertise and value to the team. We will oversee the coordination of the Design Team throughout all Phases of the Project Design and Construction.

We will also oversee and coordinate the creation of Construction Documents that will take the evolution of the Original Concept, Planning and Development, Schematic Design and transform those ideas into two-dimensional documents that thoroughly and accurately define the proposed Architectural and Engineering Solutions. These Documents will also become the binding documents between you and a General Contractor who will ultimately bring the project to fruition.

Interior Design

We believe that great Architecture has a seamless transition between the Exterior Architecture and the Interior Architecture. We feel that there compatibility adds to the overall project’s success. We are very sensitive to the Interior Environments we create. We are very skilled at assisting you to select the proper colors, materials, employment of lighting, both natural and artificial within the interior space. We can assist you in the procurement of furnishings and furniture for any environment or space regardless of its configuration or function.


We understand that every great form of creation begins with a vision and a statement of purpose and a goal. Helping our clients to identify and clarify their goals and desires for each project is critical to its success.

3-D Imagery

CLA’s 3D modeling services can provide you with the digital imagery of each project. This technology allows us and you to view the design solution from every possible angle and helps us to ensuring the buildings proper massing, material composition and visual texture. This tool is also a great way to share your buildings design with your associates in other locations or to market your upcoming building project.

Programming and Planning

From this initial Concept and Vision we then assist our Clients to create a more finite description of the project needs, requirements, restrictions and relationships of its parts. We work to establish a three-dimensional reality of the concept within the restraints of Physical, Environmental, Financial and Municipal Laws, Limitations and Regulations.